About Us

Our Family Farm Beginnings

Peaceful Meadows Farm was established in 1920 in Whitman, Massachusetts. The home was built in the late 1700’s, the barns in 1929. Milk, cream and other dairy products were produced and processed on the farm and delivered by horse and wagon to customer’s homes.

Our Family Farm

In 1934 Fire caused extensive damage to the barns. Fortunately the herd was safe. The barns were rebuilt and modernized with automatic milking machines. Home delivery was expanded to all the area towns when a fleet of Divco milk trucks was added.

In 1962 the ice cream stand opened and was well received. The ice cream was made with the finest, freshest ingredients available. In 1970 there was a devastating fire – all the barns were destroyed and 28 cows perished. Through the support of our community, friends and neighbors we were able to rebuild stronger and better than ever!

The ice cream business flourished, the herd was registered Holsteins, and two more ice cream stands have opened since 1977. While technology has helped streamline the production and processing, quality has not been sacrificed. Come visit Peaceful Meadows today – it’ll put a smile on your face and a memory in your heart.